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for Land

Below are some highlights of our programs and guidelines:

-             We finance vacant land, mobile homes, unique properties, home on acreage, non-warrantable condos, etc…

-             ITIN (Borrower has a Tax ID Number instead of a Social Security Number. They live & work in the states. They can provide proof of ITIN, 1040 Taxes, and Valid ID [Passport/Consulate card/DL])

-             With two borrowers on the same loan, we average the TU score for pricing

-             Only need 1 year W2 income or 1 year 1040 self-employment income to qualify.

-             Only need 1 year proof of self-employment

-             12 month bank statement loans also apply for our ITIN program

-             12 month P&L – signed off by CPA or Licensed Tax Preparer

-             Up to 85% LTV (Capped at 80% in CA, HI, IL, NY)

-             No cash out in TX

-             No PMI required

-             Up to 55% DTI

-             We lend in all 50 states


From Submission to CTC, we should be able to close your loans within 30 days!


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Peter Bjorlie
Wholesale Account Executive
NMLS: 959519

241 East Saginaw
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone: 517-203-7337
Toll Free: (800) 400-5451
TPO Portal: 
Quick Quote: 

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